I Might be a Preschool Teacher

So, kindergarten starts next week, Wednesday to be specific, and I am wondering why, until yesterday, I didn't know ANYTHING about my responsibilities that begin next week. All summer I have been waiting to find out anything about what I am going to be doing as the assistant teacher... I even asked a few times but my lovely boss is impossible to get a straight answer from.

So, yesterday the regular kindergarten teacher was in to start setting up the room and I asked her what the deal is with the "Kindergarten Ice Cream Social" which is tonight, which no one ever really told me about, I just happened to see it on the white-board calendar at the front entrance of the school. She said it's no big deal but then we continued to talk about other details of our upcoming year, none of which I had any clue about. She informed me (assuming I already knew) that I am coming in at 9 and staying until 6. Is it just me or is it commonly understood that when an employee's hours …
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